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The post-convergence world

Whitepapers and long form articles

Connect to your clients with insights and information.

A Whitepaper is a great way to create new client connections and reinforce existing ones. They work best not when they’re overt marketing tools (which end up looking and feeling like brochures), but when a clear effort has been made to understand key market issues alongside insights, ideas and solutions. Good whitepapers involve desk and sometimes bespoke research. They are powerful tools both for marketing and sales teams and can be used as the basis for follow-up client meetings and briefings. Yearbooks, summarising key market issues and looking ahead, can also be very effective, and become a regular communications item.

We work predominantly with technology companies, and our expertise covers most areas of telecoms, media and technology, as well as regulation. If you’re interested in the idea of creating a whitepaper, or a yearbook, call us on 020 8224 2697 for a no-obligation conversation


Writing and editing websites, brochures and more

Good copywriting is about presenting the right information as clearly and succinctly as possible. It needs to be readable, informative and respectful of the readers’ time and effort. We love writing copy. As well as websites and brochures, we regularly edit and write newsletters.

Restrategy copy and content
We love writing copy
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Awards and bids

Make your submissions smart and successful

Though they can vary hugely, the key to writing submissions is to understand who is reading what part of it. Most bids are reviewed by teams, with specialists appointed to review particular aspects. For this reason it usually makes sense first to work out the ideal document structure, understanding which parts are designed to be read by everyone, and which parts are more specialist and should be placed in annexes. This enables the core document to flow with minimal clutter, giving you the best chance of getting the right information across to the right people. Awards submissions generally work in a similar way, and should be approached with the same discipline.