Software launch

Software launch

Value proposition for a software solution

This bespoke solution software house initially engaged Incredible Results to help get the business poised for growth and realigned behind the new CEO after a change at the top. They have an exciting solution designed for a specific market and whilst they were good at getting through to CEOs in the first instance, they were failing to overcome objections further down the line.

The marketing manager was highly skilled at managing the website and commissioning blogs but it turned out that she wasn’t really working to any kind of plan and freely admitted that she struggled to understand or articulate the real value proposition of the solution. Alex Fenn was asked to mentor her and develop a strategy that could help them get a break through with new business development.

Workshops with the technical team had uncovered numerous juicy features but these as a list didn’t make a proposition.

We started with research to understand the market. The first round involved conversations with existing clients, consultants in the same space and other ‘friendly’ contacts. This was backed up by reading market reports, articles, blogs and other material available in the public domain. We also had workshop with the team and demonstrations of the software, listening to how the technical people presented the solution. After round one, we widened the research to look at adjacent markets where we believed there would be additional opportunities.

As a result of this project, we were able to articulate ‘what’ the solution was for, ‘how’ it created value and for whom and most importantly ‘why’ buy it from us. In short, the research gave the business three things they hadn’t had before:

  1. Understanding of the real objections they had to overcome to win a sale
  2. Market knowledge around the pains the solution could solve for a wider audience
  3. Recognition of four things that gave this solution its competitive advantage

The outputs included:

  1. An internal presentation that the CEO could deliver to get everyone in the business using the same language to describe the solution
  2. A deck of slides including an elevator pitch, a sales narrative and more on key messages for each new target market
  3. A full rewrite of the website and new architecture that more effectively positioned the solution
  4. Images and icons selected to create a consistent feel in all materials