Marketing Plan Step One

Marketing Plan Step One

A marketing plan to generate high quality leads

Many of the IT managed service providers we work with, start off believing that they are pretty well-placed to help anyone with anything.  They are often great sales people who’ve grown their business by being likeable, articulate and intelligent. Success in most instances has been built on fairly random acquisition of new clients sourced through personal network of the directors.  This is great but it isn’t always repeatable or scalable.

The first step in the process is always agreeing the end goal. This can often be the hardest but most critical part of the process. We work with leadership teams to set realistic targets, create clarity around the value proposition, identify the target audience and set a budget for reaching this audience with a really compelling story.

Marketing is a discipline and it’s as much about deciding what or who to leave out of the marketing plan as what to include…

You can’t sweeten the ocean with one cup of sugar

Building a great marketing strategy requires focus

Once you’re clear on who you’re for, (and who you’re not for) you can describe the perfect customer.  The first steps to building the marketing plan might involve

  1. Getting an honest 360 view of how your product or business is perceived by perfect customers, by partners such as Microsoft and by your own staff
  2. Understanding the bottom line impact of issues facing perfect customers.  Monitoring a network and flagging up issues before they cause problems may save your client millions of dollars (this is sometimes called the ‘pain funnel’)
  3. Finding out what perfect customers value (and don’t value) about your product, your approach, your team, your business in general

The real value proposition

Armed with genuine and current customer insight we can create a strong differentiated value propositions and compelling stories for the key target audience.

If you need help with finding your focus, identifying your perfect customers and articulating your true value proposition then we would be delighted to help.