Virtual Marketing Director

Virtual Marketing Director

Most businesses we work with have some marketing resource available.  This might be a digital agency that does campaigns, a marketing manager who reports to the sales director or possibly just a part time marketing executive who has been hired to do some social media activity.

This can be a problem because marketing needs to be managed and held to account. ROI needs to be demonstrated and shareholders need to be confident in getting the right outcome.

A lot of clients tell us that they have good marketing people and suppliers but that they aren’t getting great results.

We work closely with CEOs and whichever board director leads on sales and marketing.  The role we fulfil as ‘virtual marketing director’ involves agreeing strategic goals for the business, working out a marketing plan to achieve them and holding everyone to account on delivery.

CEOs could do this themselves of course, but in reality they just don’t have the time or in some instances the relevant experience.   Whilst they need marketing expertise, marketing insights and marketing results they don’t have the budget or need for a full time marketing director.

Virtual marketing director purpose

As a part time marketing director or virtual marketing director we work for an agreed number of days per month to do the following

  • Work with the leadership team to set marketing strategy and budget and meet quarterly to review progress
  • Write the annual marketing plan and devise marketing campaigns that deliver results
  • Inspire, motivate and manage the marketing team to achieve the right goals
  • Set the right objectives and report on KPIs, ROI and pipeline
  • Help forge high quality strategic alliances with vendors (Microsoft) other partners
  • Hold external providers to account and ensure they are delivering ROI in line with business goals (manage PR agency, manage digital agency)

Virtual marketing director outcome

  • CEO can get on with running the business
  • Sales director has more ‘shots on goal’ or opportunities for the team to follow up
  • Shareholders have clear line of sight to future pipeline
  • Investors have confidence that the business has a robust marketing engine delivering future revenues

We are well placed to do this because we work with a lot of similar businesses and we are constantly learning new techniques, uncovering new insights and seeing results from a number of different types of marketing campaign.

Marketing audit

If you’d like a free evaluation or ‘audit’ to understand the shape your marketing is in (or isn’t), get in touch by ringing (Alex Fenn 07775 945067) or use the form below.  (One firm we’ve just done this for found that they were able to cut £200,000 from their marketing budget without impacting results!)